Financial Aid Scholarship extension info

I have already completed 1 course after the Financial Aid Scholarship was given, so will now I get more 3 months extension. How to view my extension details?


Congratulations @zuruokeokafor2016 ! I can confirm that you are eligible to receive the 3 month extension. You’ll also receive a confirmation email with more details at the beginning of December. Great job!

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same ting - can u confirm I did it too? i got 2 missions checked…

Hi @erjcan! Yes, I can also confirm that you’re eligible for the extension - congratulations! You’ll also receive a confirmation email at the beginning of December. Keep up the good work!

How do I get the financial aid scholarship?

@juliechipko I will like know if I am eligible for the 3 months extension. Thanks

@ogundeji.olu Yes, you have also qualified for the extension - congratulations!

@samsonrotich10 The application for the financial aid scholarship has closed now, but we will be offering more scholarships in the future! All scholarships will be announced in Dataquest’s weekly newsletter, so just make sure to check those emails.

Hi, @juliechipko. Can u confirm if I’ll receive the extension of Dataquest scholarship?

Hi @raluca_ginga! Due to the volume of questions we’ve received, we’re sending either a confirmation email to everyone who qualified for the extension or a reminder email to everyone who has not yet qualified for the extension.

These emails will be sent today, so please be on the lookout for them!

I just got a mail notifying me of my scholarship extension


I received. Feeling so happy. Thank you!

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I received it too… Thank you Dataquest!!

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Hi @juliechipko! I had received a dataquest scholarship… How do I confirm that my scholarship would get extended?

Hi @kshntn! Hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

Confirmation emails were sent to everyone who completed a course by 12/3; otherwise, you would’ve received a reminder. A final confirmation will be sent to everyone who qualifies for the extension on 12/13, but unfortunately our records show that as of today you haven’t completed a full course.

If you can complete a full course by the end of the day tomorrow, you’ll qualify and receive a confirmation email on Friday. Otherwise, we’re currently accepting applications for another round of scholarships that you’re welcome to apply for. See this announcement for more details.

Please let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Hi @jchip, Thank you for the message. Could you please tell me what is meant by full course? Does a course mean a path like “Data Scientist in Python” or individual courses inside it. If it is individual courses, I have already completed “Python for Data Science-Fundamentals”.
Please help me with it. Thanks in advance.

Hi @kshntn! You are correct that “Python for Data Science-Fundamentals” is an example of a course, not a path like “Data Scientist in Python”, and you would only have to complete that course to qualify.

In checking again right now, it looks like you completed that course today which makes you eligible for the 3 month extension. Congratulations! You’ll receive a confirmation email tomorrow and no further action is needed on your end :slight_smile:

Hi @jchip… Thank you so much for the message. I was extremely busy with my course work and this extension would definitely help me finish my planned paths…

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Hi @juliechipko , I submitted an application for a Data for Social Good scholarship but have not received any email confirmation about submission. So, I don’t know am I in participants list or not. Do I need to apply again (with the same data) to get any notification? Thank you in advance.

Hi @jchip or @juliechipko, I dint’ received any confirmation about my extension. Can u guys confirm if I’ll receive the extension of Dataquest scholarship?:pray:
I had finished Python for Data Science: Fundamentals and Python for Data Science: Intermediate but didn’t receive any email about the extension.