Finding best Market to advertise in. Welcome to discuss!

Hello everyone!
Share the guided project “Finding best Market to advertise in”. I did not follow the same scenario that was given. Anyway, tried to do my best and I am even kind of happy with the result and the workflow. This time I tried to explain and describe much more than usually. I will be glad to get your feedback.
Hope, you enjoy. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Link to project



Great job on this project.

I enjoyed the visualizations, it makes it easy to follow the project’s flow, and I learned a few new visualizations for my future projects.

You could consider a few things for your next project to add Subtitles in the Markdown cells, for readers can skim the project and easily find what they are searching for. Also, you could add titles to the visualizations.

To finish off, I think your code was excellent; the block comments make it easy to understand. I have also picked up a few new code lines that I will be trying on my own.

As I said before, great job with this project.



Thank you, Juan, for your feedback.
I am glad you like it and find something interesting😊. Yes, you are right: there is a lack of titles/subtitles. I’ll work on it. And I was kind of worried that code is too confusing. But you did my day ! Thank you for your time and consideration!


Hi @pudgiko

@juanjosemunozp has already given you excellent feedback and enough home work as it is. :smile:
I agree with him, plots are really cool! :+1:

Well you know the people who preach but don’t follow !? Yup that’s me, so here are my two additions:

  • if you can, please suppress or debug the source of the warning. The pink box, doesn’t look nice on such a cool project. If you need help do let the community know. They will jump in.

  • restart & run all cells, so that the entire project file is in continuation and seamless.

Great Work :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Rucha!
All we preach and do not follow sometimes :smile: Thank you so much for your feedback. What about the bug: I did found a ticket before releasing with the same problem. It caused by version of seaborn (I did it in DQ environment). So, I will rebuild it for portfolio in the future. Thank you for your time.

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Nice project ,liked your visualiztations.