Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94 (Guided Project)

Hello everyone! I am sharing another project for feedback.

Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94 (Guided Project).ipynb (217.3 KB)

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Hi @adetolaadeya,

Very good project! Well-structured, with all the necessary links, with the aim clearly stated, interesting observations throughout the narrative, and informative and clear conclusion. Great job!

A couple of suggestions for your consideration:

  • It’s better to combine adjacent code cells that don’t have any output or markdown observations between them, like the code cells [18]-[20], even if the resulting code cell will become long.
  • Avoid some obvious code comments like #Read in the data, #display first five rows, etc. Also, it’s better to avoid inserting an empty line after a code comment and the piece of code to which it’s related. You might find useful this article.
  • A good practice is to remove unnecessary spines from the graphs and, probably, increase the font of axis labels. Also, some of your graphs lack titles, I’d suggest you to always add a title to all graphs.

Hope my ideas were interesting. Thanks for sharing your nice work and good luck with your future projects!!

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