Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94

Dear all

Kindly find attached Guided Project: Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94. Your input is
Guided Project Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I94.ipynb (370.1 KB)
highly appreciated.



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Hi @naftali
Excellent project! Interesting observations are made throughout the narrative, there are all the required links, and the purpose is clearly established. The conclusion is also straightforward and useful. Well done!

Suggestions for your consideration:

  • Even though the resulting code cell will be lengthy, it is preferable to join consecutive code cells that do not have any output or markdown observations between them.
  • Avoid using code comments that are evident, such as “#Read in the data,” “#display first five rows,” etc. Additionally, it’s preferable to avoid adding an empty line following a code comment and the section of code it refers to. you might find this useful article .
  • A good practice is to remove unnecessary spines from the graphs and, probably, increase the font of axis labels. Also, some of your graphs lack titles, I’d suggest you always add a title to all graphs.
  • you can also dig deeper into the month of July 2016 to see how it’s affecting the normal behaviour of the dataset and check the average traffic volume per day of July 2016
  • you can also check for the Average traffic volume per season
    Hope my ideas were interesting. Thanks for sharing your nice work and good luck with your future projects!!

Hi @OlutokiJohn

Thank you for your prompt feedback. You comments are highly appreciated and I will definitely put them into practice. I specifically like your comment about digging deeper into the month of July and checking for the Average traffic volume per season.


you’re welcome, always happy to share my views and insights.