Finding Room for a New App, First Guided Project

Hello everyone. Here is my first guided project. I completed most of it and then got sidetracked by a few things from work. When I came back I was able to re-focus and refresh with Python, largely because of the DQ practice problems. They’re really great for micro-immersion, or something like that. I’d be glad to hear any feedback the community had.

Finding Room for a New App.ipynb (398.0 KB)

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Hi @brucemcminn,

Thanks for sharing your first project with the Community!

Could you please fix one issue, though? I opened your project and saw that all the code cells were not run and hence I can’t see any outputs :exploding_head: So please re-run the whole project and share it here again. Thank you!

Also, I’d suggest you to remove any commented-out pieces of code from the project to avoid confusion.

Anyway, what I see for now is that your project is structured very well, interesting and attractive title, clean code, good storytelling, and cool and curious conclusion. In all the other projects on this topic, I almost always saw the conclusion about a popular book. Your project definitely stands out of the crowd in this sense :slightly_smiling_face:

I appreciate it Elena. Thanks for noticing that my conclusion was original. I really do think it looks like there is space for app development in those middle groupings.

When I edited my post I lost the option to open the notebook in a new tab. I’m not even sure how I got it there last time. Is it automatically generated by the forum after the file has been tested? Please tell me how to do it otherwise, because it makes viewing the notebook much easier.

Thanks again!

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Hi @brucemcminn,

Yes, you’re right, the link is created automatically when you share your project. And then, if you re-load your notebook in that initial post, the link is not created anymore. But I already manually fixed your post, now your notebook can be opened again in nbviewer. If you want to be able to do it yourself in future, here is a helpful post on how to do it, where your need to read the “Option 2”:

Now everything is good with your project, only one thing to be fixed :yum: The output of the code cell [26] is too long. You’d better not to print out android_family at all.

And another thing, just a good idea for your future projects. When subsequent code cells have no output or no markdown explanation between them, they can be combined into one cell. In your case - the code cells [1]-[3].

If you have any issue with rendering your notebooks in future (well, at the beginning I found the post above quite tricky), just let me know, and I’ll fix it. I’m already an expert in it! :grinning:

Hmm. Now it kinda looks like I can’t edit the original post to update the file…

Here it is with the changes you suggested.

Finding Room for a New App.ipynb (67.0 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook in a new tab (I did this one myself!)