Finding the Best Markets to Advertise In (m310)

Hi all,
upload my next project.
Waiting notices and criticism.
Best regards, Vadim Maklakov.
Finding_the_Best_Markets_to_Advertise_In_m_310.ipynb (820.2 KB)

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Hi Vadim,

I’m becoming a fan of you projects! :grinning: Great everything: very profound data analysis demonstarting curiosity to the data and the story behind it, amazing dataviz and even the cover picture, great idea to rotate heatmaps horizontaly to display the column names in the best way, interesting separate look at countries of living and citizenship, cool and uncommon conclusion about all 4 countries. I also liked the part of your analisis about gender and age ratios, and also where you found and explained the inadequacy of strange and too elevated course cost values. I noticed that you did this project in quite different way and didn’t create those ugly squeezed box plots (believe me, your lost nothing! :sweat_smile:). Very cool!

A few suggestions:

  • It’s better to always add an empty line before a code comment, to separate this block from the code above. Look, for example, the code cell [15].
  • You might consider to make some of intermediate markdown observations more extended and wordy, to explain more in detail the insights at each step.
  • Visualizations: always add a title. Also, it’s better to increase the font size of axis labels and tick annotations. And I would decrease the height of the plots in the code cells [10] and [11].

Great job, Vadim, waiting for your new projects! Happy learning!

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Elena, thank you very much for your feedback and notices,
which I will take into account in future projects.

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