Finished my second guided project

Hello everyone, I just finished my second guided project few days ago. It was such a great learning for me. I wish I could be faster but for my current work load.
The link is posted below. Please I welcome every critics to the project and I will appreciate suggestions on how best to improve on my learning. Thank you

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Hey @odimukooluchi! Could you please upload your project so we can review it? Here are the guidelines that’ll help you.

Hi @artur.sannikov96, I am having some difficulty uploading the project. I saved my project on my laptop as .pbix, but couldn’t find the document on the dropdown list of my file where I saved it. Please I will need some more guidance on this.
Thank you.

Hello @odimukooluchi, you should be able to just drag-and-drop the file in the reply field. The file will be uploaded automatically.

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@artur.sannikov96, thank you for your guide. I have already uploaded my document as a pdf doc.

If I don’t know jupyter yet, how will I download as ipnyb?

Thank you

Hey @odimukooluchi! If you worked in Jupyter, the file should already be in .ipynb, just check the working directory. If you are unable to upload it on this topic (some users may experience this problem), change the browser. Otherwise, you can also try sending it via PM to me.

I think what’s probably lost in translation here is @odimukooluchi is using PowerBI software directly rather than Jupyter. From what I’ve seen from the screen, there’s not going to be any ipynb file. What he’s using is pbix.

Can you try downloading the pbix again like so?

And upload it like so:

— And I just realised that pbix file can’t be uploaded on this forum.

Yeah, I’m lost as well. Maybe contact the Dataquest team and see if they can figure out the issue.