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Hacker News Guided Project

Finished the Hacker News guided project. Completing this has given me a big boost in confidence. Still, keen to hear feedback on it.

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Hi @rushtondavid23,congratulations for having completing your second guided project. Your project look very neat and is well presented. Have only two observations to make;

  • In the introduction you haven’t provided the links of the dataset you are using, though not saying it’s must to add the link but it’s advisable to do so.
  • you have hardly used the comments, and instead presented them in the markdown cell, bringing me to my second point; Always try to avoid stating obvious things in markdown cells or comments, like about importing libraries, printing the first rows with head().

Otherwise, to me everything look nice and wishing you a happy learning!

Thanks for the feedback! Taken on onboard.

Hi @rushtondavid23,

Congratulations on finishing this project and good to know that it was a great confidence booster. It felt the same when I finished it too! So quite relatable.

It is great that you have converted the time zone and used the string formatting very smartly. Nice work.

I think the above comments from brayanopiyo18 are very valid and I don’t want to repeat them.

I’ve found a few minor details which might be useful for you.

  • In a couple of places you have used print("") to print new line. I’m sure you know about the \n usage to print new line. Maybe print(“first line \n second line”) is a better way of printing a new line.
  • In this code section you made an exception
for a in ask_posts:
    num = int(a[4])

and used a variable name a. In almost all other places you have used easily readable and self-explanatory variable names. I think this could have been row or something like that for a better code readability.

  • The comma was added at a wrong spot in the string formatting I think
 print('   ', '{pst_time} PST, {cst_time}, CST, {est_time} EST:....

These are just a few minor details. But since you have done everything else in a very nice way, maybe these few points are the only suggestions I could come up with! Keep up the great work. Happy learning.

Thanks for the feed back, much appreciated!

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