First Assignment (Guided Helicopter Prison Break)

Hello everyone! I’m new to working with Jupyter and haven’t used Python in a little bit, so I’m looking for feedback on things to improve with the way I went about this assignment. Thank you!

CodyDFirstProject.ipynb (82.6 KB)

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Hello @14davidsonc,

Nice work completing the assignment.

I like how you considered a peak in prison population to be a possible factor for why the four years have the highest number of helicopter escapes. I didn’t even consider that and it seems worth looking into.

This raises the question as to why France has so many prison break attempts by helicopter and whether or not it has to do with the quality of prison food making the inmates go mad. Either that or security isn’t great.

This one seems jokey, but I think you touched on an interesting point. Does prisoner dissatisfaction lead to higher helicopter escape attempts (or even overall escape attempts)? Also an interesting question.

My suggestions are simply to add an introduction to explain the project more and add a conclusion to briefly summarize all findings.

And since I presume you are familiar with Python, even if you haven’t used in a while, you might want to answer some of the additional questions suggested at the end of the project guidance.

Keep up the good work. Cheers.

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