First Assignment (Guided Project 1)

Hello team! I’m super excited to be here. I have successfully completed my first project and I wish to share it here for review get feedback on my work as I am new to Python

[Learn data science with Python and R projects]

Basics.ipynb (79.3 KB)

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Hey @akyeampongkwaku30,

Congrats on completing your first project! You’re one step further on your data science journey and I hope you’ll keep chugging along.

Here’s two tips to keep in mind for your next project:

  1. A big part of data science is storytelling. Part of your job is to take disparate data points and use them to tell a story that is useful to a business or a client. Now is a great time to start exercising this muscle.
    Open up your project by explaining the purpose or goal of your project. Identify a few things you’d like to learn and, maybe, explain why your project is useful/important. This may even be a good thing to return to after you’ve finished the project, since you’ll have a better idea of your findings.
    Next, use markdown cells throughout to identify important insights as you find them. When you create a chart in matplotlib, what do you notice about the chart? What are some things you’d like the audience to notice? How do these things connect back to your original goal.

  2. Get in the habit of using comments. Use comments in your code to break down what you are doing. If you use a for loop, what is the for loop designed to do? What does it accomplish?
    The reason for this is that, generally speaking, you will not be working alone on data science projects in the real world and, as a result, other people will need to be able to read, understand and edit your code. Additionally, you may return to a project months after having started it and, in such a case, you may not remember why you did all the things you did.

Hope this helps and, again, best of luck on your journey!!


Many thanks, Sir!
Recommendations duly noted.