First Data Science Project - Helicopter Escapes

Prison Break.ipynb (80.9 KB)

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Hi @avako.n11

Thanks for sharing your project with DQ community. The code lines have been well managed and has thus rendered the desired outputs. You have also provided the links of the dataset you are using which is always the best approach. I have also noticed the subheading , this boost the readability of the project. Keep it up mate for the good work. Have got few suggestions to make;

  • You haven’t included the objectives of your project. What are these questions your project is trying to answer? All these should well listed in the introduction.
  • Always consider giving background information of your dataset in the introduction, this will make the reader to to have a grasp idea of your project. Remember, not all readers will follow the links to confirm background information of your project, so having these in the introduction is always the best approach.
  • You can consider re-running your project using the menu bar in your jupyter notebook anytime you are done with your workings. This will ensure every cell is executed and displayed in well a sequential order.
  • You have hardly used comments. Remember through the comments a reader will find it very easy to follow through your codelines which may look complex.

Otherwise congratulations mate for the good work. I assume this is your first project and there will be improvement as you progress with your learning. All the best in your upcoming projects.

Thank you for your feedback @brayanopiyo18 !