First Guided project 4/14: Unique and Duplicates

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Can anyone explain why my codes not work to get unique apps and duplicate apps? I used count() function.
My Code: <

unique_apps =[]
dup_apps =[]
for row in android_data:
    for ele in row:
        name = row[0]
        if row.count(name) > 1:

The output is:

[‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Weather’, ‘Comics’, ‘Comics’]

@czha001 I certainly hope you are enjoying your learning. Keep up the good work.

From my understanding, I do not see the reason of looping twice >> for ele in row

  1. You have identified the empty lists required properly. Great!
    unique_apps =
    dup_apps =

  2. Next you have looped over your data set. Cool!
    for row in android_data:

  3. remember we are using app name here as a unique id. Therefore, we need to identify its index in the row and assign it to a variable “name”

name = row[0]

  1. Try and think of it this way: unique_apps list should be filled with name only once, otherwise it is a duplicate.
    you could use the code below:
    if name in unique_apps:

Note: Ofcourse consider the syntax

The rest you should be able to complete.

Thanks and happy learning.

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