First Guided Project: Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL

Hi everyone! I’m just new to SQL and this is my first guided project. Please let me know if I have written any instructions incorrectly.

file: Analyze Factbook Data With SQL - Guided Project | Dataquest

Guided Project_ Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL.ipynb (56.1 KB)

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Hi @kenneth.tubera,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for sharing your first guided project!

Your code looks good, and the obtained results are correct. However, your project seems to lack the story behind it: project title, project goals, intruductional part, markdown comments analyzing and explaining the results after each code cell, conclusion summarizing the main results of the project. You might find these guidelines useful for this purpose, and also, probably, looking through other people’s guided projects on the same topic can give you some interesting ideas.

Some more comments from my side:

  • When the project is already completed, it’s better to re-run it, in order to have all the code cells in order starting from 1.
  • Please remove the last empty code cell.
  • It’s better to round the average value in the code cell [16].
  • For writing SQL queries, or better to say for styling them according to the conventions, you can find this guide helpful.

Hope that my suggestions were useful. Good luck with your next projects and happy learning!