First Guided Project Complete

This was a fun first step. I look forward to future projects!

Basics(2).ipynb (57.4 KB)

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Hello @sg1019

Here’s a link which will help you in sharing the guided project in the community.

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Congratulations on completing your first guided project.

  • Data analysis is basically conveying a story to the audience. Try adding an introduction to the project to let readers know what the project is about and what’s that you’re trying to find by doing the analysis.
  • I see that you’ve clubbed few codes in the same cell, it works fine. But hindsight, it hinders the readability of the code and it’s not a good practice too.
  • Try having different codes in different cell. For example, min_year and max_year could be in one cell and making the lists of years could be in another cell.
  • Here’s a link which will help you in learning how to structure a data analysis project.

Happy learning. :slight_smile: