First Guided Project Completed!

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Hi @ahsanhussain17999, welcome to the Community! And congratulations on sharing your first project with us :slight_smile:

I will give you some feedback that may improve your project:

  • After you familiarized yourself with MarkDown, it’s a good idea to change a few things in the project to make it more professional: such as giving a meaningful title, and splitting it into easily consumable sections (for example, “Introduction”, “Data Cleaning”, “Data Analysis”, “Conclusions”). This style guide is a good start towards a huge improvement of the project’s style
  • Remove the space character between a square bracket and a parenthesis in the link to Wikipedia so that the system correctly interprets this MarkDown syntax
  • Rerun all code cells after you finished the project to make sure that everything runs smoothly and cell numbers are consecutive
  • " Removing details column from data to improve the readablity" - this phrase is good as a code comment
  • You print out a lot of data so why not give a little bit of explanation of what it means? Use MarkDown or at least print a sentence saying what data that list contains (i.e., what is [[1971, 0], [1972, 0], [1973, 0], [1974, 0], [1975, 0],...?). Also, correct the "readability typo
  • This comment is not useful: #years.append(0)
  • I’m not sure what “Instruction” comments mean: are they from DataQuest instructions?
  • I know that you have not been introduced to the matplotlib package in detail yet, but find a way to give a title to your plot in the documentation
  • Will you be able to draw a bar plot of the last table?

I hope my feedback was helpful, let me know if you have any doubts :slight_smile: Happy coding!

Great work @ahsanhussain17999, first of I don’t think anybody here criticises destructive Ahah :rofl:,

you did great work for a start but it needs more touch, data analysis is about writing our observations from a dataset while python is just a tool used to do that, you can as well you excel to get all you’ve done today. so I think you need to tell us what the project is about and give a more detailed conclusion from what you observed. @artur.sannikov96 have given the technical corrections