First guided project:Helicopter Escapes

this is my first ever guided project. I am loooking forward to your feedbacks!
i hope I did good for a start. I also need help on how to complete this questions:

  • In which countries do helicopter prison breaks have a higher chance of success?
  • How does the number of escapees affect the success?
  • Which escapees have done it more than once?

helicopter escapes.ipynb (82.1 KB)

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Hello, @cynthiarapheals, you did well for a start, your codes were well written however there are some things you need to put into place while doing a data analysis project.

  • the introduction is very important it’d tell the readers what your work is about.
  • some of your comments aren’t really necessary like We begin by importing some helper functions. and let's print the first 3 rows. you can just add them into the code itself rather than using a whole cell for it.

to get the success rate you have to use the succeded and countries columns to answer that question making use of the groupby function or looping through both of them.

for these two i think you have two loops through the columns and get the len() of each name in the escapees’ column

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