First guided project: Helicopter Prison break

Hey there. I just completed my first guided project and would love to receive constructive feedback.

Here’s the link:

And here’s the file:
Basics.ipynb (199.1 KB)

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Hello @ogedegbegrace0 and welcome to the community!

First of all, congrats on completing your first project!

Next, I have two comments which may help you in your data science journey. First, I believe you made a mistake around line 4. Your code reads:

for row in data:

but I think it should read:

for row in data[:3]:

If you look closely at the output of that section of your code, you’ll notice that it’s printing the same row over and over again. A good hint at avoiding problems like this is to ensure that when you use a loop, you are making use of the iterative variable (which is in this case the variable “row”. Usually, we don’t use for loops to print out the same thing over and over again (although in some contexts we might!) and the iterative variable ensures that the output of the loop will be different each time (since it’s value changes with each iteration).

Next, I’ll say what I say to most people who post their first project: try to start working on your storytelling. The prison break project doesn’t contain a lot of this, since you are just getting started and Dataquest will encourage you to develop this skill in the future, but it couldn’t hurt to get started early.

Part of data science is gathering, organizing and analyzing data, and another, just as important part, is using that data to tell a story. When you create a bar chart, what do you notice? Are there any patterns that are notable? Is there a year, or a group of years which stick out as outliers? Use markdown cells to answer these questions and you will get the beginnings of a narrative that helps your reader notice some of the insights that you can pick up in the data.

This is just some basic advice, but good luck and happy learning!


Thank you so much for the correction. I have noted it down and will avoid it in the future.
I will incorporate storytelling in my next project. Thanks for the advice.

Do you mind taking a look at line 6 and the output?
It removed two elements (the name and details) instead of one…