First Guided Project - Helicopter Prison Breakout 🚁

Excited to start my DataQuest uhhh quest with a project analyzing frequency of helicopter prison breakouts by year and country!

Basics.ipynb (77.9 KB)

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@nemrnahle Welcome to DQ! :wave: Glad to have you on :grinning:

Congrats :handshake: on finishing your first project. I’m sure you feel proud and excited to do many more projects.

The following are a few pointers that should help you improve this and future projects:

Presentation Style
  • Ensure to re-run the entire project after you are done completing one. This is how to do it image

  • Include an introduction and conclusion section which summarizes your intention and understanding of the project. In fact include more sections where appropriate. I would direct you to read some of the older projects we currently have in DQ to get an idea

  • While you have run the code based on the instruction, I would recommend you add context to it by providing the user with explanations and your own analysis. This is what is expected as you progress as a data analyst. The reader wants to know what you analyzed and what you gathered from that analysis.

Coding Style
  • I would recommend the addition of more comments. What you’ll realize a couple of projects down the line, when you return to this project is, you are unsure of what you did. Comments serve as a bookmark. If you haven’t gotten to this part of the lessons, revisit this project after you do so.
  • I didn’t go through the code at great depth but seeing as you have followed the instructions provided by DQ, I feel there should be no issues.
  • There are a few challenge questions at the end of the project, I recommend that you give those a shot. Those will help to differentiate your project and make them stand out.

  • Once you are comfortable with data visualization, add more of those and expand your analysis further.

Hi @nemrnahle ,

Great job finishing your first project. Great chart showing attempts per year and chart showing the countries with the most attempts. Great use of a function to change the date to year only. Great way to reduce code by changing β€œya” in the "attempts_per_year list.

You may want to add more comments to explain each code section. Also, you may think about adding an introduction and a conclusion.