First Guided Project- Prison Break(Helicopter Escape)

Just Completed my first guided projects on prison break using helicopers!
Kinda wierd project but was fun

My_First_Data_Science_Project.ipynb (76.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Great job completing the project.

In terms of following Dataquest’s guidance, I believe you’ve accomplished everything they’ve asked you to do.

The rest of my suggestions are only applicable if you’re interested in coming back to the project and developing it even more:

  1. Introduction and Conclusion. Those two would be the simplest to add. They provide the context and takeaways for your readers.
  2. Do further analysis. I think Dataquest provided some suggestions on those. They can be quite challenging especially if you’re starting out; nonetheless, the process can be fruitful.
  3. Write more about your own thoughts about the results. The simplest would be to consider why the results are the way they are, and consider if you can do anything to explore them further.

Keep on learning.

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Hi @reshav1239 ,

Great job completing your guided project. Great job explaining data gathering process.

A few suggestions to consider:

  • Adding an introduction and conclusion (what question are you answering with your analysis?)
  • Adding additional sections like the Get the Data section that you started with
  • Explaining your conclusions from bar plot and countries_frequency table
  • Add x-axis and y-axis labels and a title to the bar plot

Great job completing your first project.