First guided project: Prison Break. Please take a look and tell me your thoughts :)

Guided Project 1. Prison Break_Sun Kim.ipynb (74.9 KB)

Hi all! I just finished my first guided project. Please take a look and tell me your thoughts. Thank you in advance:)

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HI @wkim1337

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your project with DQ community. Your workings looks pretty good and the code lines have been well managed. You have also added the links of the dataset you have used , provided the title and added visualization, this actually the best approach to take. Keep it up mate for the good work. Have got few humble suggestions to make;

  • Always consider including objectives or the aim of your project when working on any project. What are these questions your project is trying to answer. For example you have include France as the most country with most escape attempt, you can have this as an objective by generalizing as 'We shall explore the dataset to find out countries with the most prison break attempt. Remember all these should happen in the introduction.
  • Also consider giving information background of the dataset you are using. Though through the link you have provided a reader grasp some information of your dataset, but not all readers will follow the link to confirm this, so the best approach always is to include information background of these datasets in the introduction.
  • You have hardly used comments in your workings. Remember comments help to ease out some of the code lines that might appear complex , it also make the reader to have much engagement with your code lines. Kindly check on that.
  • You can also consider wrapping your workings into sub headings. This increase the readability of your project and a reader will find it very easy to follow through your workings. Like in your last workings, you could have added a sub-heading ‘conclusion’ to that last statement.

Otherwise Congratulations for the good work. Maybe in the feature you can consider expounding further in this project, to check if there is any relation between the months with when the attempts occurred. Like can we say certain months recorded high prison escape attempt ?, if so what period of the month was this, that is, was it in the start of the month, mid month or end moth.

All the best in your upcoming projects.

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I am finding it difficult to understand how to go about this project. Mind if we talk?

Hi @godwinmail6
Welcome to the community :clinking_glasses: :clinking_glasses:
Not that sure if the message is intended for me, you haven’t included any name .But just a quick response anyway;

You can always check through the workings of your fellow learners and also following through the guidelines provided by DQ on that particular project, this will give you a more better understanding of it. I understand being your first project, you will find it somehow difficult to understand some of the concepts, which is normal. Anyway feel free to reach out.

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Thank you so much. I will revisit it.

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