First guided project: Prison Break

Hi everyone,

I am new to coding and this is my first time posting.
I just completed my first guided project and would love to get any feedback on it, whether it be the way it is presented or the code itself.

Prison Break Project.ipynb (82.4 KB)

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Hello, @HMV_TT. Congratulations on completing your first guided project! Had a quick look at your project.

The main aim of doing any data analysis is conveying a story to the audience. So, make sure the markdowns are descriptive. For example:

  1. In the beginning of your analysis, you can add a markdown saying what are you trying to find (your findings) by this data.
  2. When you are modifying the data, explain it to the reader, what is that you are doing. In ‘Removing the details’ markdown, write down what is that your are doing. You could have added a bit more there like, ‘Since we only want to know in which year and the country the escapes happened. The details column is pointless for our analysis, so we will remove it.’

Good luck on your learning journey.

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@vishallbabu5 Thanks very much for the feedback.

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That is a great to hear that you’re new to coding and you’ve finished your first project! Congratulations.
Like mentioned in the above comment, it is a great idea to add introduction, explanations, code comments, and conclusion section to your project, so that it is more presentable. It will also help you when you finally create your portfolio.

I hope this style guide will help you

Good luck

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