First guided project - Prison Break

Here is my first project on Prison Break.
Basics.ipynb (152.7 KB)
I used a slightly different approach as I misunderstood the instructions in between. But I continued my train of thoughts anyway. Any suggestions on how I can improve or pointing out disadvantages to my approach is highly appreciated.

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Great work @deepathoms, you really did well for a start it’s not easy.
Data analysis is about drawing inference from datasets and there are several tools that can be sued for this purpose of which python is one but to begin there has to be an introduction of what you want to do and a conclusion also.

  • you need to familiarize yourself with markdown, To make the project look more professional, it would be wise to make a few changes, such as giving it a relevant title and dividing it into manageable sections (such as “Introduction,” “Data Cleaning,” “Data Analysis,” and “Conclusions”). This style guide 1 is a great first step in greatly improving the project’s style.
  • I am aware that you have not yet had a thorough introduction to the matplotlib package, but try to find a way to identify your plot in the documentation and add more styles.

I hope this feedback was helpful, cheers

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Hi @deepathoms ,

Great job completing your first project and experimenting with your own code. Your final bar plot visualizing the countries with most attempts would be easier to follow if the countries were sorted in ascending or descending order. Also, it would be easier to understand the graphs if you add chart titles.