First guided project: Prison Breaks - please provide some feedback!

Hello everyone,

First time poster here - please see attached for my first guided project (Prison Breaks).

Looking for some feedback on how to improve going forward! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!
NP-Prison_Break-Guided_Project.ipynb (80.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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hi @galvantrogue

Great work on your first project! and thanks for sharing with the DQ Community.

Unlike me who aims for perfection but then ends up doing nothing :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning: this is simple and cool project work :+1:

Few things I do wish to highlight:

  1. As you will learn more, you will be creating more complex projects. Which will include importing more and various libraries. Try and avoid importing everything, basically

import *

Few simple reasons are here. No worries if you don’t get them all, with due learnings we both will reach there!

  1. Try to add intro and summary sections as well so that readers understand the objective and conclusion of the project.

  2. Perform a re-run of your entire project so that the code cells start at 1 and any broken code/ references are highlighted as errors or warnings.

Not overloading the review. Will add one task to this. Let me know if you try this or research it out.

In the barplot show the 4 bars in red colour.

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