First Guided Project: Profitable Apps

Hello all, this was my first guided project from DQ: The Profitable Apps, all advices are welcomed, please feel free to drop a comment below!

Basic2.ipynb (132.2 KB)

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Hi @james.ng251

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your first project with the Dataquest’s community. the introduction is okay,the explanations given in the markdown cell , the conclusion are very welcoming and informing, keep it mate for the good work.
Have got few humble suggestions to make;

  • You haven’t included comments in your workings, remember with the comments the reader will somehow have the flow of code lines which may appear complex.
  • check on the style as well, most of your subtopic have asterisk(*), and I think the intension was not to include them, to fix this consider limiting the space ,like don’t space at all when using the double asterisk.
  • The output in cell 16, is too lengthy , you ought to have considered limiting the display, to save some space.

Otherwise congratulations for the good presentation and wishing you the best in your upcoming projects.

Happy learning.