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First Jupyter Guided Project - any tips and recommendations?

Hi Everyone!

I am currently working on my very first Guided Project (Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets).

I find it quite difficult to formulate the code/answer. Most of the time it only does make sense after I see the solution after spending hours of thinking what the answer is. I was able to work my way in the fundamentals part 1 and 2. maybe because i just had a 2 week break and i’m now paying the price.

Is there something i’m doing wrong? any tips?

am i the only one experiencing this?



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Hi Christian

I completed the project last week- I agree, it does take some time and some thinking. I found it useful to have the relevant lesson page open at the same time as Jupyter- i.e. when creating dictionaries or functions, to have the lesson on dictionaries or functions open. We aren’t expected to memorise code and it’s fine to refer back to notes or previous examples.

Hope that helps?

Kind regards


thanks mate! totally makes sense. I sometimes think that I just need more practice however code changes when you are dealing with a large dataset. maybe i just need more experience on getting exposed with projects.


No worries at all! Have you seen from the notifications on dataquest that the structure of Python Fundamentals 1 and 2 is getting a refresh near the end of January? It specifically says that one of the changes is that the exercises will run on real world data instead of pretend data- this should help with the above issue you’re having. The longer lessons will be divided up too- which I think is a good thing as some exercises were quite long and involved.

One thing to flag to you is that your progress might not transfer over once the new structure is live if you haven’t completed the project- just in case you wanted to complete it before then.