First Jupyter project: Helicopter Prison break

Hello everyone,

I’ve just completed the Prison break project. It took a bit longer than expected but it was a great experience. Any advice and comment on how I can improve my coding will be very welcome!
prisonbreak.ipynb (79.6 KB)

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Great work @f.mendes-fialho, you have taken the first bold step to finish this work and you have done excellent work.

  • It would be better to add a link to the dataset and perhaps some background information to the introduction. Additionally, you should always provide the conclusion along with the key findings.
  • A recommended practice is to run the project again after it has already been finished, with the code cells in order and starting at 1. It’s crucial for the project’s outcomes as well as for decorative purposes.
  • Add a conclusion also.

Hope my ideas were interesting. Thanks for sharing your nice work and good luck with your future projects!!
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