First Posting - Exploring College Majors Guided Project

Hello internet:

This is my first completed guided project I’m choosing to post here on the discussions! I’ve been looking for ways to surround myself with more data science to create a sort of immersion experience and keep up my efforts.

This is as much a commitment to keep myself engaged as it is a solicitation for feedback. However, if someone decides to take the time to read this and comment: Thank you!

I’ve been spending most of my time and energy focused on learning python and the relevant syntax,. I have the DataQuest style guide for projects saved, but I haven’t spent time reading that over or paying too much attention to my markdown cells. Any thoughts on this strategy(I’m on a timeline to learn python for an interview) or a general process for writing markdowns and cleaning up a project? Should it be done as you go or tidied up at the end?

Anyways, here’s the mission this project came from:

And here’s my notebook file: (in the replies)

Hello @ryan.wetherbie!

I cannot see your guided project:( You can also upload in on GitHub so we can review it:)

Happy coding :smile:

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Hello…Please how can I upload these guided projects on my GitHub account…I need your guidance.

Hello @okorochukwunonso!

You can read more about how to upload a Jupyter notebook on GitHub here.

Happy coding :smile: