First posting Guided Project Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL

This is my first project and first posting. Wanted to see if my answers for the last part (exploratory questions #8) were ok.

Hopefully, I’m submitting this correctly.
Next Steps - Guided Project Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL (

Next+Steps±+Guided+Project+Analyzing+CIA+Factbook+Data+Using+SQL.ipynb (125.7 KB)

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Hi @Mrs.Mitch

Welcome to this community and congratulations for having completed the guided project on Analyzing CIA Factbook. I love the way you have handle code lines. Having said that, Have got the following observations/suggestions to make.
Your projects lacks a title, the introduction, the aim/goal, what are these questions you are trying to answer?, the conclusion, that is, your findings presented on a summary way, all these are very key and so essential when working on any project.

Consider above as humble suggestions and hope you will find time to fix them up, Happy coding!.

Thank you so much for the input. After I submitted it I started looking at other prostings and noticed they had headers, introductions, etc. I will be mindful of that going forward. I was just so excited to submit my answers and really didn’t think about headers.

Happy to hear that , Happy learning!