First prject: Prison Break. Check it out and tell me your thoughts. :D

Prison Break.ipynb (79.2 KB)
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Hi @Amro
Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your first with DQ community. The code lines looks great and have been well managed , which has rendered the required outputs. You have also provided the title of your project and together with the link of the dataset you are working on, all these are good approach. Keep it mate for the good work. Having said that , I would like to point out the following ;

  • You have missed to indicate the aim of your project, like what are these questions your project is trying to answer? For example in one of your codes you displayed the number of escape attempts in various countries, maybe this could have formed one the aim of your project that is, ‘country with most prison break attempt.’
  • Always consider including the comments in your workings. Comments ease out some of your codes which may look complex. It also make the reader to understand what the code lines are intended to achieve.
  • Most of your outputs lacks detailed explanations , though some of them are self explanatory , always consider having them explained, remember not all readers will get it easy to understand your outputs.
  • Also consider having conclusion when working on any project. These are just but the findings of in your project presented in a summary way.

Otherwise congratulations mate for having completed your first project.

Happy learning.

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Hi @Amro

Great work at completing the first guided project. Congratulations. I can see that you’ve already received a detailed feedback above. You can follow the points mentioned in there. Maybe this guide will be helpful in that regard.

Also please try to rerun all the code cells of your jupyter notebook before uploading it here. You can do that by clicking on Restart and rerun kernel on your notebook. That way all the code cells will be numbered sequentially from 1 and might highlight any errors that you may have missed (if there are any). Hope this helps.