First project: Helicopter escapes

Hello everyone!
I’ve recently got started this course.
Now I’ve completed the first project not understanding.
In this project range() function is also used but so far we haven’t learnt anything about that.
If possible, could you please show a concrete roadmap for the whole course including exercises sections, in which part I should look at the exercises, or smth like that?

Thanks for all feedbacks and replies in advance!

Hello @abduvohidmb. Welcome to the community.

Can you explain which part of the project you didn’t understand or was it just the range function?

The roadmap is already set by the Dataquest. Depending on which career path you want to take, the roadmap varies.
For practicing whatever you learned, you can go the practice tab in the homepage to practice your skills.

Hi @abduvohidmb ,

After quickly reading your question, I wanted to add the link to the Python documentation about range() that may be helpful: Built-in Types — Python 3.10.6 documentation

Also, at the end of each lesson, there are recaps with pdf download with links to articles and Python documentation.

Hope this helps!