First project: Helicopter scapes

My first project yeah. I was kind of confused at first but at last I could complete it
Basics.ipynb (81.0 KB)

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Hello @raul.zura1991, you did a great job and it’s okay to be confused at first, research suggests that some of the time, confusion can actually be a good thing — an important step toward learning

You did an excellent project for a start, However here are some feedbacks you need to consider moving forward.

  • Try to add a proper introduction to your work, it’d serve as a background study to what you intend to do and would help readers understand better
  • work on your conclusions as well
    cheers happy learning
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Hi @raul.zura1991 ,

Great job finishing your first project. You did a great job commenting your beginning code. My only suggestion would be to add more comments and section headers to explain your code sections.

Great job!