First Project - Prison Break

hey, i dont know whether we get to give reviews here but yeah i did it, my first guided project.
More of copy and paste, did it for 2 days… first day(yesterday 25/09) everything was okay until
index = zero and the fetching the year. i asked myself why so many hidden undefined functions so i put the laptop to sleep till my mind was ready to understand, So today i was like let me do as instructed, no questions shall understand in the long run… decided to continue and i got errors cos there was nothing in the system so had to begin afresh
anyway heres my first project
comments and reviews are welcome

Basics.ipynb (79.4 KB)

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Hi there,

Well done on completing the guided project. It seems that you hit some snags along the way, yet you persevere; that’s quite admirable.

Anyhow, I’m not going to overwhelm you with too many suggestions:

  1. Introduction and Conclusion should be the easiest to improve. Add the former to give some context about your project, and the latter to summarise the results.
  2. Minor style: from helper import* to from helper import *
  3. Add title, xlabel, and ylabel to your horizontal bar chart.
  4. Add code comments to some of your code, especially those that could be confusing to others (and even yourself).

I have some more, but it’s up to you if you want more.

Keep learning. Cheers.


you can share more, its my first time coding am so curious

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Sure thing.

It’s not that many really.

  1. Do some or all of the extra analyses suggested by Dataquest at the end of the project guide. Some of them can be quite challenging, and if your knowledge is only limited to what has been taught by Dataquest up to the point of the project, you’ll probably need to search the web a lot and read documentations. But, frequently searching for answers online is normal, though be careful of copy-pasting without understanding the answers; it can lead to problems down the line when you need to troubleshoot or implement something not covered by normal answers.

  2. Expand more on your observations about the results.

  3. Consider providing an interpretation of the results. Why are they the way they are? Can you look it up and find some factors that cause them to be that way? An example: why is it that France has more helicopter escape attempts compared to the other countries?

  4. In the Jupyter notebook, you don’t need to use print at the end of the line. Just put the variable or anything you want at the end, and Jupyter will print it for you. print(data[:3])data[:3]. Though, continue using print if you want multiple prints.

Hopefully that helps.