First Project share: Hacker News

All feedback is welcome. I am new to python so any explanations pretend you are talking to a child.

hackernewsother (1).ipynb (49.3 KB)

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Hello @markojbicanic; you’re done a very nice job, Your code is simple to understand, which is wonderful because it makes it easier for me and other platform users to refer to your work and understand what you are attempting to do at each step.
I’d advise you to work on the following

  • Learn more about how to use markdowns as it’d help you to express yourself better
  • You don’t need to use the bold font every time; it’s mainly used when you’re trying to lay emphasis on something.
  • Work on giving subtopics to your work, you’ll really need it as this would help readers understand what you’re trying to do
  • Here’s a link which will help you to make your upcoming projects better with this style guide.