[FIXED] Takeaway Content Overlapping

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  1. Open the Takeaway page

  2. Open the browser console

  3. Paste and run the following code

document.body.innerHTML = document.getElementsByClassName("MissionLearn__takeaways")[0].innerHTML;
document.getElementsByClassName("MissionTakeaways__paper")[0].style.width = 'inherit';
document.getElementsByClassName("MissionTakeaways__paper")[0].style.borderStyle = 'none';
document.getElementsByClassName("MissionTakeaways__paper")[0].style.boxShadow = 'none';
document.getElementsByClassName("MissionTakeaways__text")[0].style.overflow = 'hidden';
  1. Open the print dialog

  2. Save the page as PDF

Here is a screen recording of the same:

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Yay! Content overlapping issues in takeaways are fixed! Not just that, now you can also search the takeaway file: