For i, day in zip(range(0, 135, 27), days):


I’ve been away from the course for a bit so a little rusty again, but I don’t understand the for loops used in “Pandas Visualizations and Grid Charts”

for i, day in zip(range(0, 135, 27), days):

I can lookup range(), but i’m only used to to for loops that take a dataset and then iterate over the rows:
“for day in days:”

Could someone explain in laymen terms what’s going on here:
“for i, day in…”

Hi ajtam555

Please provide the screen link, it will help us to help you.
I think this article will be helpful.


Let’s assume that we have two variables a and b.

a = range (0, 3, 1)
b = ['Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed']

The zip function will allow you iterate over these two variables at the same time.

for one, two in zip(a, b):

You get the following output:

(0, Mon)
(1, Tue)
(2, Wed)

If there’s a third variable, you can also iterate over all three with the zip function like this:

for one, two, three in zip(a, b, c):
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