For loops and Lists, Question 10

I have a question about calculating the average of the ratings

so it is calculated this way :
avg_rating = rating_sum/ len(apps_data[1:])

However to me it does not make sense that we are dividing by apps_data[1:]. apps_data[1:] is all the lists except the headers. It is not just the numbers of ratings.

I would have run the code this way: avg_rating = rating_sum/ len(rating). I get an error saying float has no len()

Can someone please explain why we are deviding by apps_data[1:]

Thank you!


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rating is an floating point number so there is no len() attribute to it. Only lists and strings have len() as described here.

apps_data[1:] contains the data imported from the csv file excluding the header, which is a list of lists. Thus you can use len() on that. We do this because the number of entries/rows in the apps_data list excluding the header row is also equal to the number of rating entries there are since there are no NaN values in the dataset.

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