For Review: Popular Data Science Questions Guided Project

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Here is my Guided Project: Popular Data Science Questions for review and feedback.

Thoughts as I was working on it:

Looked at the tags data across yearly and monthly timeframes. The monthly time frame allowed me to notice more subtle patterns in the data.

I used plt.plot_date to make a time series line chart. This seems like a great way to take advantage of the datetime format.

For the co-ocurance matrix - I found that code on Stack Overflow. It’s pretty complex and I didn’t come up with it myself. I have trouble even following it but I got it to work. After I implemented it in my project, I looked at the DQ solution and was surprised to see how simple they made it. Either way, it looks like the code I found yielded the correct answer. I was able to put it in a heat map to make a nice visual.

Project Inspiration Credit to: @jmerrell247 and @semenchuk.ivan. Great job guys! Your projects helped me out along the way.

Thoughts, feedback, and better ways of doing things is always appreciated!

Popular Data Science Questions-Copy1.ipynb (3.4 MB)

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Reading this was very aesthetically pleasing. Your graphs and charts are beautiful. Great job!

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