For the Employee Exit Surveys Guided Project, did anyone find the survey response scale for DETE?

I checked the website for documentation and couldn’t find anything. The columns seems pertinent for the analysis but S, SD, A, N, SA, M doesn’t mean anything obvious to me.

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I took it equivalent to that of TAFE dataset. I don’t quiet remember the column. In TAFE dataset these values are like:

  • Strongly Disagree = SD
  • Disagree = D
  • Neutral = N
  • Agree = A
  • Strongly Agree = SA

Thanks! Still trying to figure out what the ‘M’ means. I figured it could be “missing” if it was held consistent across the Likert survey questions, but it’s not consistent, and there are actual NaN values.

can you give the column where you are getting these values? I am revamping my own project right now.

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hey @elikyabokanga

open the link given here, this should give you a pdf file to understand this survey much better.
(only for DETE)

Argghhhh… I wish you had asked this question earlier and I should have done this search head-on then!!!

Yeah I looked it up and down. It uses a 5-point Likert scale, and in the dataset I’m seeing 6 responses (excluding NaN).