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Formatting the date as per instructions doesnt work in Guided Project


I just tried to change the text to date type after matching the format but then the date is of type mm-dd-yyyy and not dd-mm-yyyy as per notes. Is it the true that powerbi cant convert the mm-dd-yyyy without running into errors? I saw some workaround in google but its long winded

Hi. Did you figure it out?
Changing the format to “Date” causes errors in the cells.
Replacing the “/” with “-” doesn’t mend the problem, as you can’t change the format of the column to “Date”. When I do so, I get this:
“DataFormat.Error: We couldn’t parse the input provided as a Date value.

What worked for me was to right click the date column → change type → using locale

Then adjust the locale and data type here.

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I’m interested to hear how this differs among users, because for me it automatically applied the change when I imported it into PBI from my desktop. It is a step that I can delete, but it definitely isn’t one that I made myself.

I’m using the desktop version that I downloaded from the Microsoft store, I wonder if that changes anything?