Former dataquest student - Can I share my personal project with the community

Hi, I am a former Dataquest student. I want to share one personal project of mine that I really like and want some feedback on it. But I am not sure if I can do that or not? Can anyone confirm this?


Welcome back! :tada:

Sure you are welcome to do so anytime @bholaprasad26!

Remember to adhere to these guidelines when sharing your project!

Cheers and looking forward to your project.


Hi, I just read the guidelines but the project is not in a single notebook. The project contains several python notebooks and scripts and all of the contents are hosted on Github. Don’t think it would be good idea to upload everything here :slight_smile: What can i do?

Hi @bholaprasad26:

I think you could just place the github link here and explain briefly what each file does perhaps?

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Thanks for the help. I appreciate your guidance.

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