From DataCamp to Dataquest

Just switched from DataCamp. The fill-in-the-blanks style of learning wasn’t doing any good. Dataquest is so much better. I’m able to learn at my own pace. Exercises are very useful and interesting… not like random and silly exercises at Codecademy. Look forward to building my portfolio using the guided projects and completing all the learning paths.


Agreed. Tried all 3 platforms and felt Dataquest was the best for learning.


It is good to know that we all have made the right choice by learning from Dataquest! This is quite reassuring.


Tried all those ones too, it’s nice having you here


I too tried my hand at DataCamp. It was a waste of time and money compared to Dataquest!


This was the reason I switched to Dataquest :slight_smile:

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Same thing, I still use DataCamp but mostly for their Skill Paths (Marketing Analyst for example) because they do the project with you and fully immerse you with the right skills for the job you target. DataQuest is way better in terms of pedagogy.

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I did a long time research and comparing Platforms for learning and DataQuest is better then the Video or fill-in-the-blanks-platforms out there. By the time more and more products and platforms are launched and every single of them are promising you to learn fast and the right materials. I think, only if you are forced to write the code down you can learn something. Reading is also much more effective then watching tutorials. This can be later very helpful, after knowing the basics, but for the beginning it is better to read and to build solutions. I agree that DQ is the best product for DataScience today.

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