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Finally got there… Scientist Path Complete :confetti_ball:

A few thoughts, while completing the Data Scientist Path, towards the “undergraduate” students… You are very lucky because this platform is way better than the others, in that it obligates you to roll up your sleeves… But, in order to achieve your goals, you should think of the following I am about to share with you, as they made my way more efficient:

Install the dependencies

  1. Take your time to read the renowned book of Cal Newport ‘Deep Work’ - I am serious about that. The domain we chose to engage in is deep, multidisciplinary and vast. We have to adapt to this reality and make the most of the contained learning hours.

  2. Pay the full path. Apart form being cheaper than paying per course, it gives you extra motivation to complete it on time. By the way, I had to renew it for another year, in order to complete the Scientist, additionally to the Analyst one.

  3. Tune your social media. Make a Twitter account and follow pioneers of the field; the same applies for LinkedIn, too. I use only them and quit the rest. Github should also be treated, likewise. Its another space where you can find useful code snippets and get inspired.

  4. If you can afford some extra money for equipment, think about a second monitor. It can make the difference when learning/keeping notes or developing/read notes.

Study deeply

In brief, make the most of the useful advices Cal Newport provides into his book. Better 2 hours fully committed than 5 of distracting work.

Do not stop

The secret is to keep going. As I 've already mentioned, I had to renew the membership for I didn’t manage to complete the path on time. That means that, you 'll definitely have to pause the studies for more than once and perhaps for quite a period. Never mind, just start again and finish the job.

# Comment the dissuasive comments

I am a fully occupied engineer, father of 2, at the age of 34. When I started studying Data Science I had many reservations on what I am about to do in such a demanding field. Actually, I still do not believe that I am a Data Scientist. Nevertheless, I mute those thoughts along with those received by my peers. I am still worried on how to allocate more hours for studying, but oftentimes I get through this.

Take notes

Get used to taking notes for every mission. I prefer to write them down on a digital form, because it is way more efficient to copy the code snippets. The Dataquest notes alone cannot stand for a valuable assist towards working a project, unless your membership is still active.

Work free

Make as many projects as you can, without the fear to submit them on Github. You are one of those amateurs that do it at the time of speaking, but will be pros in some years! No worries about mistakes.

Share content

Speaking about sharing, you should definitely think of writing in a blog. I submitted my first project on Medium, while studying for the Analyst path. I am still using this platform to read and publish on the Towards Data Science publication and find it, really - I mean really - incredible. Do not hesitate to ask for the review of pros. I do it a lot, through the connections I 've made on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Bottom line

  • It all started when, on 2019, I came by a Quora post of @vik, where he referred to the Dataquest platform. I signed up for the free courses and soon paid the full membership.

  • I started from…
    >> 1 + 2
    >> 3

  • I finished the Data Analyst path.

  • I made a couple of projects that caught the attention of many people and I still build my portfolio.

  • I embraced the data specific concepts of my job, in a meaningful way, such that I can better contribute to the IT and data engineer colleagues.

  • I got accepted as an Editorial Associate of the Towards Data Science Medium publication (volunteer)

  • I got a couple of proposals to deliver a lecture on another DS learning platform.

  • I completed the Data Scientist path.

  • I participate in an interesting project of a startup, where we use ML and DL to predict the athletes injuries on specific muscles.

  • I still think that I do not belong to the Data Scientists body, but… I keep going anywhere it will take me.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to reach me out for any issue you would like.

Thank you Dataquest! :blush:

Medium: @gerasimos_plegas
Twitter: @MPlegas
GitHub: @makispl
LinkedIn: @gerasimosplegas

PS: In case you opt to publish on the Towards Data Science publication, send me your article to get any help for making it eligible.


Thanks a lot for sharing Makis. Just what I needed to hear tonight. Very inspiring indeed.


This is just what I should be doing right now. Thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring story. Best of luck in your future.


Hello @Achi! Thank you for your kind words!

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Nice to hear that @YoussefAlaaEtman! I wish you the best for your studies and of course the most of “muting”!

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Thanks for sharing @makis_plegas. This is truly inspiring!


Congratulations @makis_plegas , you made it and now it is a great starting point for participating in Kaggle competitions!


That sounds appealing but I have much to read and practice on, before engaging!

Thank you for the recommendation!

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Well done @makis_plegas. I will definitely read the Deep work good, seems like a investment of time:)

And good job on your Data Science path.

Happy coding :grinning:

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I am very satisfied to think that someone bookmarked this incredible book! I am sure you ‘ll find it resourceful…

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Congratulations for the effort and for taking your time and exposing your thoughts,

I am on the same path as you and reading you is like finding an oasis in the middle of this lonely road.

I take note of everything you say.

Thank you.

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This is Learning 101. While studying, take the time to share thoughts and of course help the less experienced students overcoming any obstacles!

Good luck with your deep work!


Thank you Maki for this post and congratulations for completing another path on Dataquest! A great reminder for us ‘undergrads’ that these thoughts need to be muted and that perseverance is everything. :muscle:


Wonderful journey, Makis. Thank you so much for sharing your life-changing story.

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