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Full JOIN Syntax

Screen Link: (Learn data science with Python and R projects)

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In the Less common joins I saw that for full join the example shared is

As for the FULL JOIN, it’s a combination of both LEFT JOIN and RIGHT JOIN: rows from both tables that didn’t produce a match are in the output with missing values on the columns pertaining to the other table. Here’s an example:


FROM hue AS h

RIGHT JOIN palette AS p

ON h.color = p.colour;

I didn’t get how it is different from Right join

Good question and observation.

I don’t think the content on that Screen manages to clearly explain what it wanted to. I would suggest reporting this to them through the ? button in the top-right corner of the Classroom. The content should probably be explained differently a bit for that Screen.

Emulating FULL JOIN in SQLite would likely become clearer when they teach about UNION which I think might come later. This resource should also help as per me, if you would like to learn about it now.

There’s a typo in the code, it should be FULL instead of RIGHT.