Function to drop columns based on fraction of NaN rows

Mission link :

In case it’s useful

def drop_nulls( df, frac_of_rows ) :
    """ df, float --> df """
    # drop the columns that have more null rows than shape[0]*pc_of_rows
    cols_to_drop = df.isnull().sum()[ df.isnull().sum() > frac_of_rows * df.shape[0] ].index.values
    return df.drop( cols_to_drop , axis=1 )

In the Handle Missing Values by Dropping Columns, they write out a list of cols to drop - which I think goes against the spirit of automation - anything that can be automated should be… If you can express the criteria in words…

Later, I saw that dropna takes a thresh parameter, so you can just set frac_of_rows*df.shape[0] when calling dropna … Use the standard function, not this one :slight_smile:

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I think its good to provide the Mission link then followed by details. This will help to solve the problem swiftly.

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Good point. I agree…