G-P: Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees

Hello All, I am sharing my project for review.

Thanks for giving me feedback.

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Hello @biadboze! Thanks for sharing:)

Your code is nice but here is what lacks:

  • Add more comments to your code, it will help you and others to understand it better
  • Comment your finding! What’s the problem, how you approached it? What decisions have you made? What’s the result?
  • Write conclusins: wrap up all you’ve written and link it to the project objectives. Have you reached the result you wanted?

Happy coding:)


Hello @biadboze

Nice code but if I may suggest using comments could easily replace the code cells since it's basically the same code, this is to avoid code redundancy and too much scrolling.
Happy coding.
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Thanks for your advice .

OK, Thanks for your feedback