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Genre' Food & Drink'

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I get the code right, I just don´t understand when I check the variables, the variable "genre" appears as 'Food and Drinks'. I thought I was working with 2Games" genre. In fact, is what is explained on the exercise. 
Thank you

Hello @javiermarzalb, We are iterating the apps_data[1:] rows, we assign the item at index 11 to genres in every iteration. That means in every iteration the genres will be updated with the item of the 11th index of that row. The last row has the following items

 'みんなのお弁当 by クックパッド ~お弁当をレシピ付きで記録・共有~',
 'Food & Drink',

and that’s why you see the genre has Food & Drink.

Remember we also have a conditional statement that checks if the genre has "Games", so the last iteration it’ll be False since genre doesn’t is not equal to "Games"

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