Gestalt Principles and Pre-Attentive Attributes: 7th screen

Hey, I am having a hard time understanding the answer to 2nd question on 7th screen.
Pre-attentive attributes can also explain why we perceive two distinct visual objects as part of the same group.

What I expected to happen:
I thought it’s true.
I understand two distinct visual objects are for example two circles. Then based on principle of shape which is a pre-attentive attribute we would think they are a group.

What actually happened:
It’s false.

Could someone help me a bit here?

Hi @wieczorekpatryk98 and welcome to the community!

Since I was planning on doing this lesson later this afternoon, I knew exactly where to look for some context on your question. However, others may not know where to look in order to help you. In the future, please include a link to the lesson screen when asking about a particular lesson just to make it easier for people to help you.

That said, and where I admit I have not completed this lesson (I may have more to add this afternoon!) I believe the answer to your question is in the first line of text in the Learn section of the screen you’re working on:

Gestalt principles describe how we can visually perceive distinct elements as a group.

In other words, it’s not pre-attentive attributes that explain why we perceive two distinct visual objects as part of the same group but rather Gestalt principles that do.

This seems a little “nitpicky” to me at this point since I have not completed the lesson but I think the question is trying to point out that pre-attentive attributes do not involve conscious thought and that perceiving two distinct visual objects as part of the same group would involve some conscious thought (maybe?). Also, on the very first screen of this lesson, there is another line of text that indicates this True/False question is testing our understanding of the difference between these two terms:

The idea behind Gestalt principles is that humans generally perceive patterns rather than individual objects.

I hope this helps clarify things and that I’m not way-off base here. Let me know what you think!

Thanks! I understand now.
Ah I feel a bit silly for not being able to read carefully.
Sorry for taking your time on this.

No worries, this is exactly the stuff the community is great for! Glad I was able to help.