Getting an error when running this code to transform Hamlet in to a dataset

Screen Link:

My Code:

hamlet_text_only = hamlet_with_ids.filter(lambda line:len(line)!=1).map(lambda line:line.remove(''))

What I expected to happen:
I expected the system to filter out all rows that have content other than just the line number. Then I expected the system to remove all the empty strings ' 'in each line.

What actually happened:

I end up with this massive error log. I’m unsure of how take function has any bearing on this.

I’m pretty sure that the remove function works because I ran this function separately on a single line and got a successful output.

def clean(line):
    return line
print(clean(['0', '', 'HAMLET', '']))

I’m clear that my answer is incorrect since it only considers the first blank space. However, the reason for asking is the error that came up . It seems unnecessary.

Any help would be appreciated.