Getting error message "Timeout error running your code" when submitting answer

Hello! When I submit my answer for the Binary Search Analysis step in the Logarithmic Time Complexity mission, I get the error message “Timeout error running your code”, despite getting correct results when I click the button “Run Code”!

Thanks a lot!

Andrés V.

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Hi @andresvel00 ,

Sorry about that! It seems only the exact copy of the Dataquest code passes the answer checker. I will get it logged, Thank you for letting us know about it.

To mark the screen as complete, please paste the exact copy of the Dataquest solution and run that code, this will mark the screen as complete. If it doesn’t work, continue with the mission and let me know once you finished it. I will mark the mission as complete from my end.

Note: Whenever our system finds your answer to be exactly the same as the solution code, instead of checking the answer it automatically marks the screen as complete. This feature is implemented as a workaround for cases like this. Here is a gif illustrating the same.


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