Getting outside the loop body

Hello everyone,

python beginner here, my courses are going all great and all but coding feels a little off when i try to get outside the for loop body. Clicking on enter and using backspace 4 four times works but I was wondering if there was another way or a short key to get outside the loop body. I know this is not necessary but it would definitely make coding for me so much smoother and faster.


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You can use Shift + Tab instead of using 4 Backspaces.


Thank you very much the_doctor! Feels so much smoother to code now.

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Hello @aungkaungthant23, Welcome to the DataQuest Community.

This issue will depend on your editor, by convention Pythonistas usually prefer 4 spaces, but for us Data Scientists/Data Analyst since Jupyter Notebook is our most used editor we just use tab key button. hence if you need to exit the loop you just use backspace key button.

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